Welcome Address

Welcome Address

Dear Industry Colleagues,

    On behalf of the Smart Home Asia Summit Organizing Committee, we sincerely welcome you to visit Smart Home Asia Summit& Mini Expo 2019 held in Shanghai on January 21-22nd, 2019. Based on the success of Internet of things theme summit before, the summit once again gets attention and support from the whole industry chain colleagues inside and outside of the industry!

    The era of IoT has already begun, being the emerging representative, the development of Smart Home is unstoppable. Relevant reports indicate that smart home sales in 2017 exceeded 300 billion RMB. Smart home market keeps growing with 21.4% annual compound growth in the next three years, by 2012 will reach 581.95 billion in size. Smart home, smart community, smart hotel, smart office and other application scenarios will soon be widely used. Smart home scenario will become the general trend.

    Early in 2012, smart home was listed in nine industries of China's 12th Five-Year Plan and has been one of the important directions in China’s high-tech development for MIIT, NDRC and MOST. In March 2016, Premier Li Keqiang mentioned on the Fourth Session of the 12th National People's Congress, “to promote the wide application of big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things”, “to strengthen emerging consumption such as online information, smart home, and personalized fashion”. In September 2018, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council put forward again to focus more on the development of new information products, like mid-to-high end mobile communication terminal, wearable devices, Ultra HD terminal, smart home products etc.

    Driven by policy, smart home has attracted attentions from various emerging fields. However, smart home development is far from mature. There is no unified standard and technology is less well-developed and products has poor universality and compatibility which cannot attain the anticipant result. Meanwhile, data privacy protection and cybersecurity are still a problem.

    On this background, under the theme of “Smart Home for Your Smarter Life”,3rd Smart Home Asia Summit & Mini Expo 2019, organized by Taas Labs, will open on Jan.21-22, 2019 at Shanghai China. More than 200 industry experts get together to share smart home development status and latest standards, to learn key technologies & smart home data privacy protection, to discuss AI technology empowers smart home’s future, to study real estates, hotels, decorating companies’ real problems and requirements. Mini expo is also provided in the summit for delegates to see more.

    Looking forward to seeing you in January!

Best Regards,

Organizing Committee of Smart Home Summit Asia 2019



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