Welcome Address

Welcome Address

Dear Industry Colleagues,

On behalf of the Smart Home Asia Summit Organizing Committee, we sincerely welcome you to visit 6th Smart Home Asia Summit& Mini Expo 2022 held in Shanghai on Oct. 27-28th, 2022. Based on the success of Internet of things theme summit before, the summit once again gets attention and support from the whole industry chain colleagues inside and outside of the industry!

Based on the broad market space, the rapid iteration of 5G, IoT, AI and other technologies, the policy dividend of new infrastructure and the demand of new consumption situation, the development of smart home industry has accelerated. According to IDC's China Quarterly Smart Home Device Tracker Report Q4 2021, the shipment volume of China's smart home device market in Q4 2021 reached 63.37 million units, an increase of 4.1% year-on-year. IDC expects China's smart home device market shipments to grow 17.1% year-on-year and exceed 260 million units moved as smart home optimization and upgrades continue. AskCI expects China's smart home market will reach 651.56 billion RMB in 2022.

In recent years, the emergence of the "meta-universe" has ushered in a qualitative improvement in the interactive functions of traditional smart home products, and the launch and application of the Matter protocol will also accelerate the interconnection of smart home products, at the same time, with the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, new development directions have emerged in smart homes in the fields of smart epidemic prevention and smart communities. However, opportunities and challenges coexist, how to land technologies such as "meta-universe" and AI? How to implement the data security and privacy protection of smart home users? How to build an after-sales service system and a whole supply chain quality control system? How can smart devices improve the home life experience? How to achieve linkage between smart home and smart community under epidemic prevention and control?

6th Smart Home Asia Summit & Mini Expo 2022, organized by Taas Labs, will open on Oct.27-28, 2022 at Shanghai China. More than 200 industry experts get together to share smart home development status and latest standards, to learn key technologies & smart home data privacy protection, to discuss smart home devices development trends, growth opportunities & pain point, to study user experience and product innovation. Mini expo is also provided in the summit for delegates to see more.Looking forward to seeing you in Oct. 2022!

Best Regards,

Organizing Committee of Smart Home Summit Asia 2022



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