Welcome Address

Welcome Address

Dear Industry Colleagues,

On behalf of organizing committee of 6th Autonomous Vehicle & AI Cockpit China Summit 2023, we sincerely welcome you to attend 6th Autonomous Vehicle & AI Cockpit China Summit 2023, in Shanghai from May 11th to May 12th.

With the rapid iteration of intelligent driving functions in recent years, L2 assisted driving functions have been fully matured. Level 3 high-level assisted driving has also begun to enter the fixed-point mass production stage. Intelligent driving functions are improving the user's driving experience in many aspects, and at the same time playing a positive role in safety, energy consumption, efficiency and other aspects, and users' driving habits are being subtly changed. Autonomous driving technology is helping us slowly free our hands, and the future is promising.

Based on the intelligent car as a platform and comprehensive perception outside and inside the car, the intelligent cockpit that integrates voice with touch screen, emotion recognition, gesture recognition, face recognition, location positioning and other domains is becoming the standard configuration of today's intelligent cars. The consumption habits related to the demand for intelligent cockpit configuration are still in the cultivation stage, and the development of in-cabin entertainment and games, interactive experiences, AR/VR and other technologies can imagine more possibilities for future cockpits.

On this background, 6th Autonomous Vehicle & AI Cockpit China Summit 2023 will be held in Shanghai from May 11th to May 12th.  It will comprehensively focus on the core hot topics of autonomous driving/ADAS/intelligent cockpit/intelligent networked vehicles, and discuss the latest industry policies, market directions, and the most advanced safety technologies and best practices with more than 400 high-level guests from home and abroad from the whole industry chain. The summit leads the industry technology, with more than 30 hours of domestic and foreign experts thinking collision, more than 40 domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers participating in the whole process and more than 150 media partners professional reporting. It’s the largest Autonomous & Cockpit Event in China. This is the right event you cannot miss.

Attendees comes from  including OEMs, System Integrators, Solution Service Providers, Software Suppliers , etc. Looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai!

Best Regards,

Organizing Committee of Autonomous Vehicle & AI Cockpit China Summit



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